The Most Common Complaint about Vintage (is not true!)

vintage and modern collaboration look

I do a lot of events, fashion shows and styling. I often hear , "Everyone was so tiny back then" or "Vintage never fits me." This statement is just not true! Well, sometimes it is accurate, but only SOME of the time. If you are bigger than a size small there are still plenty of vintage goodies for you. Read on to see how you can wear vintage and how to find pieces your size!

First and foremost, with the Internet, we are able to have the world as our marketplace. There are some very good places to search for larger vintage pieces. would be my first recommendation. The key is what to search for. I recommend using search terms like large vintage dress, plus size sweater, etc. Many sellers on Etsy, myself included, use size in the description and title when listing items. Especially when you have those slightly harder to find items. Below are two links to items in my shop that are for ladies with larger sizes and each is pictured below as well.

Ebay is also a wonderful source for finding these bigger items. Again, it's all in how you search for the particular piece you are desiring. For example, don't just type vintage dress in your search. Try, extra large vintage dress, or plus size rockabilly dress. Full figure is another great search term to use. There are even Ebay stores that specialize in vintage clothing who certainly have the kind of items you are seeking.

Secondly, there are many vintage clothing and accessory items that fit all sizes! Vintage bags, hats, scarves and jewelry are fantastic ways to add just a touch of vintage to your look. When I work with clients for styling they often tell me their goal is to stand out from the crowd. With a vintage accessory such as a fab purse or pair of earrings you will be wearing a piece that NO OTHER WOMAN will have! How cool is that? I adore using vintage statement pieces to make a look come together.

Easy vintage add-ons for any size- purses, jewelry and hats

Finally, any serious fashionista knows a good seamstress. They can work magic! You take your jeans to them to get them tailored just for you, why can't you do the same with a vintage piece? When looking at dresses, blazers, and sweaters- look inside to see if there is a seam allowance. This means there is additional fabric inside the garment that can be let out. Sometimes all you need is an inch or two. Another trick that a great tailor can do is to add a panel to a dress to extend it. This is done with wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses all the time!

How many of you have used some of these ideas above? Or do you have other ways of making vintage work for you? I'd love to hear from you!

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(all items pictured above are available for purchase, if not currently listed in the shop email me please!) or email

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