3 Essential Vintage Pieces to add to your Wardrobe

What are the essential vintage pieces to add to your closet to really stand out from the crowd? Read my blog post to find out what these pieces are (you may already have one or two!) and find ideas on how to style them to make your look stand out from the crowd.

A killer vintage brooch.... THE simplest and most versatile vintage addition

Some of us think of vintage brooches as only something our Grandma wore. That they are dated and out of style. This could not be more wrong! A lovely vintage brooch is the easiest way to add a touch of vintage to your outfit. Who doesn't want to stand out a bit in this crazy world of mass, mass production?

wear a brooch on a purse, at the neck and on a hat

Why are vintage brooches the best? Because they can be worn a million (ok not a MILLION but a lot!) of ways. You can add them to your hat, to your hair, to a scarf or a purse or wear at at your hip or right at the adam's apple. Yes, of course you can wear them on the lapel too but that is only one use.

Ok, you say, so a vintage brooch. What do I buy? I always say, buy what you love. Buy what you are drawn to. That is where you are creating your own personal style (see my upcoming post about using vintage to create your own unique style). Do you love bling and sparkle? Go for rhinestones. Or do you have a favorite color or animal- get a figural (animal or plant) brooch! The choices are endless here. Then rock your brooch any which way you like.

A funky and fun vintage hat

Hats are one of the items that I often steer my new clients towards- those who say vintage is so hard to fit or that they can never find anything vintage they like. Most hats fit most head sizes. There are so many types of vintage hats that are easy to wear- such as berets, fedoras, and even many of the early hats like cloches and side tilt hats from the 40s. Depending on if you like something more casual, or if you like to dress it up, will determine what type of vintage hat to go for. For example you can add a beret to just about any every day look from jeans to blazers to sweaters. For us gals, myself included, who like to glam it up, look for a fascinator or hat with some sort of decoration. The hat in the above picture was one of my own designs that I added colorful feathers and a brooch to to really make it look different. Regardless of what style you chose, again the rules are the same- go with what you like. What fits your style already?

A well fitting vintage dress from ANY era

This is where the game gets upped a bit. Just a bit! I think this is the fun part. A vintage dress is such a fun and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. It should be one that really does fit well. Fit, as I often tell my personal styling clients, is the MOST important part in a garment. It could be the sweetest, most desirable hot item out there but if it doesn't fit well it won't look great. Furthermore, you will not be your most confident self. It is really easy to add to your vintage dress to modernize and really personalize your look by using modern accessories which you already have. Soooo, let's talk about where to find a fab vintage dress. Of course my first go-to shop stops are Etsy and Ebay. Why? Because the sellers have done all the leg work for you. Like myself, when I find items for my Etsy shop

I search far and wide. I have traveled up to a three hour radius from my home in search of amazing vintage finds. I have made sure the dress is ready to wear- free of stains, or in need of repairs.

If that's not your style, if you love the thrill of the hunt (me too!!!) then try your local Salvation Army or resale shop. I especially love shopping at vintage shops in the area as I then get a chance to support local, small businesses which I am all about!

Vintage 70s dress, 50s dress and 80s dress

All of these dresses are currently available in my Etsy shop Lovebyaprilleigh

Why Should you wear vintage anyways?

My favorite question to answer when it comes to vintage, really! By wearing vintage you not only get to be eco-friendly, you get to sport looks that are unique and different. Plus, nearly every vintage item I have laid my hands on is well made. Many of the pieces stand the test of time, they are still completely relevant and fashionable. I have many vintage clothing items that I have worn numerous times, and they have certainly be worn many times before I wore them and they still are free of need for repair.

How do you like to add vintage to your wardrobe? What pieces are your favorites or go to items? Where did you find them? Leave me a comment

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me for future blog posts and new vintage goodies! ~April Leigh

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