A New Year, More of the Good Stuff

celebrate what you want to see more of

This the time of year when many of us feel inclined to make "new year's resolutions." I will exercise more, eat healthier, travel more etc. etc. In the past I have made resolutions involving all kinds of things. Sometimes I have stuck to them, other's not. Yet, when the time came this year I really felt that I didn't want to make a strict set of resolutions, or even one specific one. I'd rather make continuous improvements in many areas of my life. In order to achieve this goal, I am breaking it down into mini, sometimes mini-mini goals. So, when I was looking for a quote that represented my ideas I felt the one above was important. Focusing on what I want to see more of! Simply put that can factor into many areas of life- your business, your relationships, your friendships, your style!

Soooooo, I am writing to you all to state some of what I want to see more of! In short, I want to see more people wearing and enjoying vintage (including myself). I want to help others incorporate vintage into their style so that they can see the value of doing so. I was reading online not long ago and I came across The Fabulous Miss K who happens to be a vintage stylist and blogger who basically summed it all up for me in the statement, "vintage for everyone." Her mission is to bring vintage into everyone's lives and I have to say my mission is quite the same. I truly do want to see more people embracing vintage and how amazing it can make you look!

How am I going to accomplish this lofty goal? I think in many ways. I am going to continue to blog and my goal is to blog more often. Getting out into the community more through runway shows, working with photographers and personal styling with clients are yet even more ways to bring vintage to more people. In addition, I have a you tube channel in the works that will showcase vintage and modern style mixes and tips on styling. I want to continue to use my instagram feed to connect with more vintage lovers like you! Most importantly it dawned on me that I really need to live it and breathe it so to speak. I am working to transform my own image so that I can be a true representation of my brand.

April Leigh in a vintage Hudson's hat

Now of course, these things are not going to happen overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day, correct? Yet, I do believe that I can accomplish my overarching goal of bringing vintage into many peoples lives with daily strides towards doing so. So, stay tuned for my journey and lots of ideas for styling with vintage, as well as posts of pieces you can own to have that one of a kind look. As always, thanks for reading and please stop by facebook page to leave a comment and let me know you visited. I would love to hear your thoughts about vintage style.

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